Jeanette Consagra

Jeanette Consagra

120 Parkenson Rd.

New Bloomfield, PA 17068


SWIG Positions Served: Secretary ((2021-2024)

Committees: Wine Competition

1. How did you get started in Wine-making?
I have not officially made any wine – yet. I am hoping to learn winemaking skills from Mel!
2. How long have you been making wine? n/a

3. First Wine you made? n/a

4. What type of wine do you make? n/a

5. What are your Favorite wines to drink?

I prefer white over red but do like a good red with a steak dinner or a pasta dinner.

6. What is your wine preference?

Dry White

7. Do you grow grapes?
I do not grow grapes, but I live with Mel – who does grow grapes!

8. What kind do you grow?
I don’t grow any grapes, but Mel grows Foch, Chancellor, Chambourcin, Landot Noir, Niagara, JS, Traminette

9. How long have you been with SWiG?
Since 2017

10. How did you come to find the Susquehanna Wine Guild?
I met Melvin Heffley in 2016 and joined the group in 2017

11. Hobbies/Favorite things you like to do?

Cooking, crocheting, gardening, painting, coloring, eating good food, and drinking good wine!