James “Jim” Compton

James “Jim” Compton
396 Myers Road
Boiling Springs, PA. 17007
(717) 243-9967

SWIG Offices Served: President (2020-2021)

Committees Served: Executive, Social Events (Currently)

1. How did you get started in Winemaking?
A.- At the time, we were helping Alex Sprague in his endeavors. We had apples and wanted to know how to make apple wine. Alex opened his arms and said bring over the apples and we started our first apple wine product. A few years after learning winemaking from Alex, we started making wine at home.

2. How long have you been making wine?
A.- Marcia and I have been making wine since before 2000.

3. What was your first wine batch?
A.- Apple Wine

4. What type of wine do you make?
A.- We make many kinds. Mostly what we grow and what our neighbors give us. We don’t do any kit wines. I normally blend my Concord grapes with Elderberries, Black Raspberries, or Blackberries. In 2019, I blended Concord and Catawba for the first time. Catawba blends well with Niagara too. On the fruit side, we make hard cider, apple, cyser(apple and honey), pear, peach, and cherry wine. Of late, I’ve purchased juice from Don Hopler which included Malbec and Chardonnay. (note: The Committee provided a link on the coverage of the competition at the Hopler’s in 2015 on the Blog. The Patriot-News printed an article on Compton’s winning the Cup)!
Wine Competition results and Picnic

5. What are your favorite wines to drink?
A.- Fruit and dry red and white wines.

6. What is your wine preference?
A.- See above!

7. Do you grow grapes?
A.- Yes! We started growing grapes after we picked grapes at Mel Heffley’s vineyard. I figured that if Mel could grow grapes, I could too. Since I had the ground to plant them. Over the years I have ordered vines from AA Vineyards in New York. Some grapes I have started from cuttings of other vines from friends.

8. What kind do you grow?
A.- I currently have Concord, Niagara, Catawba, (American Native grapes), Baco Noir’, Riesling, De Chaunac, Marechal Foch, Traminette, and two vines of Chambourcin!

9. How long have you been with SWiG?
A.-We joined SWiG shortly after they were formed! We would take some of our wine and hors d’oeuvers to Scotzin Brothers and share them with the members.

10. How did you come to find the Susquehanna Winemakers Guild?
A.- See above.

11. What are your Hobbies/Favorite things you like to do?
A.- Hobbies include playing in our church bell choir, gardening, and winemaking.