December 30, 2007, 1:42 pm

“Okay all you South Central PA Winemakers, here is another opportunity to get a wine club started”

“A big thanks to Rick Scott for making this happen. There will be a kick-off meeting at Scotzin Bros. on Saturday 12 Jan 2008 at 2 pm. Bring some homemade wine to share, bring a friend, or just bring yourself. If you have a few extra bottles you want to trade on the side that may happen as well”.

This is the beginning of the Susquehanna Winemakers Guild. The list of those who were part of this historic meeting was as follows:

Rick Scott,                              Walt Jensen,                         Mel Heffley,

Tim Murphy,                        Joe Spadaccino,                    Jim & Joanne Arey,

Richard Zerbe,        Don Blumenschein,             Al Mundis       

 Bob & Dianne Ball          Phil Tinnes          Carlos Chatman

They met at Scotzin Brothers in Lemoyne, PA as stated in Walt’s statement above and so began the history of the Susquehanna Winemakers Guild. Their motto was to educate and help themselves and others in making better wines.

In 2009, the first SWiG Wine Competition was held. There were 44 entries judged by Evan Shipley and Jody Dosh. The winners were:

Walt Jensen for his 2007 Seyval in the White Category.

Jason & Yvonne Jumper for 2007 Raspberry in the Fruit Category.

Jim & Joanne Arey for 2008 Rhubarb in The Most Unusual Category.

Jim & Joanne Arey for 2007 Landot Noir’ in the Red Category.

The Grand Champion was Jim & Joanne Arey for their 2007 Landot Noir’ which landed them a Silver Cup to hold for a year.

On June 12, 2022 Cutting Boards with the Susquehanna Winemakers Guild Logo on them were presented to the 6 current members who were Founding members. They have been instrumental in the past 15 years, making our Guild what it is today. They are Jim and Joanne Arey, Mel Heffley, Walt Jensen, Tim Murphy, and Rick Scott.

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