FermCalc Demo

To get a comprehensive understanding of Tim Murphy’s Demonstration of FermCal you should follow along on a device of your own. The App can be installed on nearly any Cell phone, Notepad, Tablet, Laptop, or PC. The links below will help you get the APP.

Instructions to get the FermCalc APP for Phone, Notepad, and Tablet https://fermcalc.com/

For PC, this link will run the FermCalc program in your browser. Once there you can save the program for off line use – Under File> Save as, save the program (FermCalcJS.html) to your desk top or other location on your PC. Once saved you can run the program any time (off line) in your browser by double clicking on the file. https://fermcalc.com/FermCalcJS.html

Run time 38.32 minutes