During the FermCalc presentation at our last meeting, the question came up of what fraction of a tsp of calcium carbonate would weigh 0.2 ounce. In FermCalc, all the results for acid adjustments are given by weight, not volume. My scale shows that one tsp of CaCO3 weighs 2.6 grams or about 0.1 ounce. (There are 28.3 grams in an ounce.)

If you don’t have a scale, here is a handy list that is in Appendix B of “The Home Winemaker’s Manual” by Lum Eisenman. Go to https://erowid.org/chemicals/alcohol/alcohol_article2_winemakers_manual.pdf to download the entire manual.

Tim Murphy


AAA charcoal 1 tsp equals 1.5 grams

Acid blend 1 tsp equals 5.1 grams

Ascorbic acid 1 tsp equals 4.2 grams

Bentonite (agglomerated) 1 tsp equals 3.4 grams

Calcium carbonate 1 tsp equals 2.6 grams

Citric acid 1 tsp equals 4.9 grams

Diammonium phosphate 1 tsp equals 4.9 grams

Fumaric acid 1 tsp equals 5.3 grams

Gelatin 1 tsp equals 3.3 grams

Malic acid 1 tsp equals 4.6 grams

Pectic enzyme 1 tsp equals 4.0 grams

Polyclar AT (PVPP) 1 tsp equals 1.2 grams

Potassium bicarbonate 1 tsp equals 3.3 grams

Potassium bitartrate 1 tsp equals 3.8 grams

Potassium metabisulfite 1 tsp equals 6.1 grams

Potassium sorbate (prilled) 1 tsp equals 3.0 grams

Sparkolloid 1 tsp equals 1.1 grams

Sodium bisulfite 1 tsp equals 5.7 grams

Tannin 1 tsp equals 2.8 grams

Tartaric acid 1 tsp equals 5.0 grams

Yeast ghosts 1 tsp equals 2.8 grams