NAME: Ed and Janet Griscavage (pronounced Gris kav idge : short a sound )

ADDRESS:  208 Tall Oak Drive, New Cumberland, PA. 17070       

PHONE: (717) 580-4815 Ed cell

                (717) 580-6422 Janet Cell

SWIG Offices Served:

Committees Served: Communication (Both Currently),Executive (Janet)


1. How did you get started in Wine-making?

Ed wanted to restore cars as a hobby, but I reminded him our last name is Griscavage, not Versace. Our daughter got him a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas 2006. A coworker told him he used to make beer and got his ingredients from Scotzin’s in Lemoyne.  Scotzin’s had told us that you use the same equipment to make wine. At the Farm Show, Adams County Winery was there and advertised a wine-making class. We attended with our daughter.  Since then Ed has made more wine than beer.

2. How long have you been making wine?

          Since 2007.

3. First Wine you made?

Riesling from a kit we purchased at the Wine Making class at Adam’s County Winery.

4. What type of wine do you make?

Ed is the vintner and Janet is the sous chef.  We make from kits, from fruits, from juice bought at the grocery store, and recent years have expanded to juice imported wine juice.  We attended the technical class to learn more about exacting our craft.

5. What are your Favorite wines to drink?

Janet enjoys most red and white dry grape wines. Some sweet red and white grapes.  I also enjoy fruit wines.

Ed is a Beerman, so occasionally a sweet wine fruit, or grape wine is enjoyed. 

6. What is your wine preference?

Janet’s favorite is Cabernet Sauvignon for reds, Chardonnay for whites.

Ed’s favorites are the Chocolate Raspberry Port, Pink Moscato, and Coconut Yuzu.

7. Do you grow grapes?

No, but he did try. By the way, this is a joke.

Ed’s vineyard

8. What kind do you grow?

Not applicable

9. How long have you been with SWiG?

          Since 2009

10. How did you come to find the Susquehanna Wine Guild?

The chalkboard at Scotzin’s advertised a wine group and to contact Rick Scott.              

11. Hobbies/Favorite things you like to do?

Ed – fishing and boating. He currently is on the Communications Committee as the photographer. At home, we tease he is the roadie. He transports the suitcase that holds the equipment we use for the meetings. He is the Aide-de-camp of the nuclear football for the Communications Committee.

Janet – caring for my family.  We are very close to our children and our grandchildren.  I am a voracious reader. I serve on the Communications Committee as the Chairperson..