Christopher Dettrey

Christopher “Chris” Dettrey 9/17/1957-1/1/2022 Please refer to his Obituary under the Memorial Page
107 E. Locust Street
Mechanicsburg, PA. 17055
Phone: (717) 514-5829 Leave a message if no answer.

SWIG Offices served- Secretary, Vice President, President-Elect for 2022-2024 term.

Committees served: Executive, Communication, Wine Competition

1. How did you get started in Winemaking?
A.- My wife came to me one weekend in 2007 with the idea of starting a hobby and that she had a CD video on making Cherry Wine. We watched the video and decided to make wine.

2. How long have you been making wine
A.- We started making wine in 2008. So this year 2020, would be 12 years.

3. What was your first wine batch?
A.- We started making Strawberry and Dandelion Wine.

4. What type of wine do you make?
A.- We started making fruit wines at first then graduated into making wine from grapes. We make all kinds from dry to sweet and every kind we can get. Kit wines, juice, and grapes. We have not made mead yet.

5. What are your favorite wines to drink?
A.-I am very young in drinking any alcohol because of how it affected my childhood. Since I have found that I have no issues with alcohol, I drink many kinds.

6. What is your wine preference?
A.- I have come to like Pinot Noir’. Chilean style fits my comfort. I am beginning to go to the dry side more now.

7. Do you grow grapes?
A.- Yes.

8. What kind do you grow?
A.- Currently I grow just Diamond. I did have DeChaunac but it was not doing well where we are located and we passed them on to another member to see if they have better luck with it.

9. How long have you been with SWiG?
A.-We have been with SWIG almost from their start. Our first meeting was the 1st Annual Wine Competition and Picnic, which was held at the Blumenschein’s place in Landisburg in June 2008.

10. How did you come to find the Susquehanna Winemakers Guild?
A.- My wife saw information posted on the Information board at Scotzin Brothers in Lemoyne. This is where we get our supplies. That is where we saw the notice about joining posted by Rick Scott.

11. What are your Hobbies/Favorite things you like to do?
A.- I love working with wood. I have a woodshop (although not organized yet) that I am working on now that I am retired. I also like to throw clay and I am into ceramics and of course, winemaking. I also do Genealogy for my family as well.