2020 SWIG Wine Competition Results

There were 55 entries this year total and the list of winners are as follows:

2020 SWIG Wine Competition Results

Pat Moyer/2018 Sweet Plum

Category 100- Dry Red Grape
Class 110- 2nd Place Jerry Morgan 2018 Pinot Noir’
Class 130- 3rd Place Nick Pallante 2018 Grenache/Shiraz/Mourvedre

Category 200- Dry White Grape
Class 210- 1st Place Mike Strohl 2019 Gewurtztraminer
2nd Place Joann Arey 2018 Seyval
3rd Place Jerry Morgan 2018 Sauvignon Blanc

Category 300- Sweet Red Grape
Class 310- 3rd Place Jerry Morgan 2018 Landot Noir’
Class 320- 3rd Place Pat Moyer

Category 400- Sweet White Grape
Class 410- 2nd Place Tim Murphy 2019 Vidal Blanc

Category 500- Fruit
Class 510- 1st Place Pat Moyer 2018 Sweet Plum
3rd Place Gerry Lonenecker 2019 Cheeky Cherry
3rd Place Mike Strohl 2019 Sour Cherry

Class 520- 1st Place Jane Longenecker 2019 Bodacious Blueberry
2nd Place David Moore 2019 Strawberry
3rd Place Pat Moyer 2018 Black Raspberry

Class 530- 2nd Place Ed Griscavage 2019 Raspberry Dragonfruit

Category 600- Rose’
Class 630- 1st Place Nick Pallante 2019 Raspberry Dragonfruit

Category 700- Unique/Other
Class 710- 2nd Place Rick Mauro 2019 Black Raspberry Dessert
2nd Place Gerry Longenecker 2019 Rump’ Raspberry Blackberry Brandy 2019 Dessert