2018 SWIG Wine Competition Results

10th Annual SwiG Wine Competition Results

           Sunday, June 10, 2018

              Held at Jim & Marcia Compton’s Place

Presenter of Awards-

Vice President, Christopher Dettrey

1st Presentation- Category H- Other

Winner- Pat Moyer,      Wine- 2014 Pumpkin Spice


2nd Presentation- Category G- Fruit

Winner- Gerry Longenecher,      Wine- 2017 Raspberry


3rd Presentation- Category F- Kit Whites

Winner- No Winner Awarded (2) Combined w/C-Kit Reds


4th Presentation- Category C- Kit Reds

Winner- Nick Pallante,        Wine- 2018 Chocolate Raspberry Port


5th Presentation- Category E- Sweet White

Winner- Tim Murphy,       Wine- 2017 Traminette


6th Presentation B- Sweet Red

Winner- Don Laughery,    Wine- 2017 Noriet/Buffalo


7th Presentation D- Dry White

Currently no Photo Available

Winner- Jim Arey,     Wine- 2016 Seyval Blanc


8th Presentation A- Dry Red

Currently no Photo available

Winner- Bob Chaudrue,     Wine- 2017 Cabernet Franc/Zinfendel


Special Presentations- Jodie (Judge) 10 Year Participation Award


Special Presentation- Rick Scott- 10 years of Leading Service award


Final Presentation- Grand Champion Trophy

Winner- Tim Murphy,     Wine- 2017 Traminette (Sweet White)